Gold Fever

Gold Fever

Get your share of the gold rush with Gold Fever's puzzle game formula
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Gold Fever is a puzzle game from TikGames. The game uses the familiar match-three-items of the game board formula. However, this one has a small twist. The main theme is the American Gold Rush, in which thousands of pioneers went to the wild west in the search for gold. So in this case, the game board is composed of two types of coins, each with different color and each having a different heads or tails image. What you must do is not swap in between the coins, but flip them in order to change the sign they have. If they match the other group, then they are eliminated. In the background there are golden tiles that will go into your gold count if you eliminate a group of coins over the tiles. You must collect all the gold in the game board before the time runs out. This is signaled by the dynamite at the bottom of the screen. Although it is a nice twist on the game formula, it turns out to be too easy because you can just flip wildly on every coin you see in order to get a match. The game does have a superb presentation and you can try it online before you buy it.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A new twist to the game formula
  • Great presentation


  • Could be more challenging
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